Sian Ruck

Sian Ruck (17)

DOB: 8 December 1983

Debut: 2007-08

Current White Fern

Name: Sian Ruck

Playing Style: Left-arm medium-fast bowler

Nickname: Rucky

Club: Johnsonville

Earliest Cricket Memory: Playing backyard cricket with my best friend and keeping score on the side of the house (Much to Mum’s displeasure…)

Most memorable cricket moment: Getting my first lot of White Ferns gear with my name on the back

If I wasn’t a Blaze I’d be… No idea!

Favourite superhero: Batman

Favourite holiday destination: Anywhere warm and with a beach to swim at

In my spare time I like to… See my friends and family and have good food and conversation

My favourite song is… I love music, couldn’t pick one

My signature dish is… I make a killer salad with everything in it

My favourite movie is… Documentaries

Chores as kid: Vacuuming

My favourite food is… Coffee

Favourite school subject: English, Media, Arts

Worst school subject: Maths, physics

Do you have any pets? Couldn’t – never home

If I could have anything, I would want… A base/apartment that was mine

The biggest influence on my cricketing career is… Experience over time/travelling

Something you didn’t know about me is… I am a bit of a foodie and a great cook!


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