Nat Edwards

Nickname and reason why:
Morange because I am a ginger


Favourite ground:
Blake Park

Greatest influence on career and why?:
Having an ex Knight player, Rob Hart, guest speak at school sports prize giving. I remember him talking about how he was just an average player but what he believed got him noticed by selectors was his hard work through determination. From then on I have believed in the old saying “what you put in is what you get out” and use that as a rule in cricket as well as everyday life.

My favourite holiday destination is:
Bowen Town

The best advice I’ve ever received is:
Work hard and good things will come.

My sporting hero is:
Nicola Browne

My non sporting hero is:
Paul Henry

When I was young I wanted to:
Play the drums in a band

Interests/hobbies outside cricket:
Indoor netball, snowboarding, shopping, travelling, hanging with friends

Favourite Band:
Bon Jovi

Favourite Movie:
Remember the Titans

If I wasn’t a cricketer I would be:
A tennis player.

What is an interesting fact people do not know about you:
I want to walk the Ancient Mayan trail one day in the near future.

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