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If you love cricket, you’re sure to be a fan of BLACKCAPS Priority Ticketing. It’s completely free to join and lets you and your mates save on tickets to every ANZ International Series match this season.

You can get discounted tickets right up until the first ball is bowled.

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BLACKCAPS Priority Ticketing.

With the BLACKCAPS taking on South Africa, Sri Lanka and Pakistan in the lead up to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, there’s a truckload of world-class matches and special events during the ANZ International Series this summer.

How does it work?

How Does it Work?

Just sign up and we’ll send you a Priority Code to access special discounted pricing on any ANZ International Series match tickets purchased online from Ticketek this summer. The discounts even apply to special events like double-headers and the sure-to-be-epic Boxing Day Test Match in Christchurch, so it's the perfect chance to take your kids to the match or get your mates together and have a ball.

Best of all, it's completely free to join – no minimum purchase, no strings attached.

Priority Ticketing Public Rates
Savings Up to 35% Full Price
When Available to purchase for each match right up until the first ball is bowled Entire on-sale period
How Use your special Priority Code when purchasing online Ticketek Online or at the gate
Ticket Limit 10 seats Online 10 seats/Gate no limit
ODI Pricing Priority Ticketing Rates Public Rates
Adult Tickets $30.00(save 25%) $40.00
JUNIOR (UNDER 16) $5.00 $5.00
FAMILY OF 3 $35.00(save 22%) $45.00
FAMILY OF 4 $65.00(save 23%) $85.00
4 MATES $100.00(save 28%) $140.00
CONCESSION $25.00(save 28%) $35.00
Test Match Pricing Priority Ticketing Rates Public Rates
ADULT TICKETS $20.00(save 33%) $30.00
JUNIOR (UNDER 16) $5.00 $5.00
FAMILY OF 3 $25.00(save 28%) $35.00
FAMILY OF 4 $45.00(save 30%) $65.00
4 MATES $65.00(save 35%) $100.00
CONCESSION $18.00(save 28%) $25.00
MATCH PASS $80.00(save 33%) $120.00
(Bay Oval, University Oval, Westpac Stadium)
Priority Ticketing Rates PUBLIC RATES
ADULT TICKETS $40.00(save 20%) $50.00
FAMILY OF 3 $45.00(save 25%) $60.00
FAMILY OF 4 $100.00(save 23%) $130.00
4 MATES $130.00(save 35%) $200.00
CONCESSION $35.00(save 22%) $45.00

Family of 3 consists of 1 adult and 2 juniors. Family of 4 consists of 2 adults and 2 juniors. Kids under 2 free on the knee. Concessions are seniors and students with the appropriate ID.

Ticketing fees, credit card and stadium levies (where applicable) may apply.

Be the first to know when the tickets go on sale.

When you sign up for Priority Ticketing, tell us which matches you most want to see – we'll send you a reminder as soon as Priority Ticketing is in effect for your chosen matches so you don't miss out. Genius!

There’s no obligation to buy tickets and you can change your match preferences (or opt out) at any time. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now for a summer of spectacular cricket – and savings!

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Sign up now for BLACKCAPS Priority Ticketing and access amazing ticket prices for an epic summer of world class cricket!

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