INTERVIEW: MS Dhoni talks to the Press before the second test in Napier

 MS Dhoni 
The Indian captain talks to the press before the second test in Napier.

On being relaxed enough to come a day before the test…

"We are quite the same because it doesn’t make a difference.  Frankly speaking we are not supposed to practise on this field.  So whether you are practising at Napier on some other field or whether you are practising in Auckland or any other field it doesn’t make too much of a difference.  We spent a few more days in Auckland and the day before the game here we will practise for a good hard session and then we are ready for the game.  So, whatever suits the team best - that’s what we look after."

On any possible changes…

"I think it will remain the quite the same but we have not decided.  We need to have a look at the wicket.  We will see after the practise session and have a look at the wicket.  But I think it will be quite the same.  You can’t really expect too many changes in the side."

On being buoyant about the performance of the Indian team…

"That is what is important because of the stress is on the execution of plans. It’s not about making too many plans but about how you execute your plan – what’s important at a particular time, what batsmen are doing, what bowlers are doing.  It gets very easy when everyone is doing their job in the best possible manner.  That’s the best thing that can happen to your side and hopefully if we can continue the same in the coming two games it will be great for us." 

On concentrating on what the opposition are doing…

"We don’t think too much.  We are aware of what the opposition are doing but we don’t think too much about what they are doing because frankly speaking it is about us and what we want to achieve and how we are preparing ourselves.  That will have a bigger impact on the game rather than thinking about what the opposition is actually doing.  We put emphasis on a lot of good practise sessions, planning and execution of plans.  It remains the same when you are winning the games and when you are losing games."

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