TOUR DIARY SIX: Sara McGlashan

 Sara McGlashan
White Ferns batting star Sara McGlashan's latest diary entry from the ICC World Twenty20.

Diary entry six

Hmmm where to begin…it’s been a great 24 hours since last writing.

Well we always twin share so the girls were pleased to make the semis as it meant having single rooms in Nottingham. This excitement soon wore off as the boredom kicked in and it wasn’t long till players were hanging out watching telly together and chatting.

Morning of the game and everyone was feeling good as we headed to the ground. Another good toss my Mase and we were doing what we wanted - batting. Things started off slowly but once Mase was in she got the momentum going. Her 89 was up there with one of the best knocks I've seen from her… and there have been quite a few. It was a well paced innings rotating the strike and hitting/clearing the rope even when they had 4 players sweeping on the legside she would still split them.

145 was the total posted to defend and we got off to a good started with Rucky taking a wicket in the second of the game. We picked up their key players cheaply and they struggled from then on. It was an amazing feeling going into the last few overs with them needing almost 20 an over. There would have been close to ten thousands spectators there towards the end of the game with a large group of Pakistan supporters adopting Batesy and chanting her name as she bowled the last over of the game.

What a feeling afterwards. It took a while for the smile to wear off about the thought of being in a final at Lords. We’ve had some good advice about the ‘Lords factor’. Some that possibly can’t be printed but the main thing is that it’s just another ground. We train there tomorrow so it will be good to get that excitement out of the system.

After our game a few of us headed into the stand during the men’s game (SA v Pakistan) to see our families. A wave by Katey to the Pakistan supporters, which was basically the whole stadium, resulted in the stand going crazy and cheering for us. Quite entertaining!

Anyway I'd better be off. We are on the bus heading to London Town and a DVD is about to start. Quite a nice bus too not quite like the Red Buses in Christchurch!

Thanks to everyone for the support. Make sure you park up on the couch for the final as apparently it’s going to be live on Sky Sport.


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