TOUR DIARY: Sara McGlashan

 Sara McGlashan
White Ferns batting star Sara McGlashan's latest diary entry from the ICC World Twenty20.

Diary entry three

Woke up to a lovely English summers day- drizzly and cold!

We did a short run to flush out the jet lag and get used to the time difference.
Four hours on the bus went quite quickly thanks to a mate putting the latest Greys Anatomy on my ipod – not to give much away but it gets quite sad! 

Also during the bus ride we got over by over updates of the BLACKCAPS game. It was amazing to hear the score sky rocket every over. Seven overs though….crazy. Great the boys had a win first up.

Things seem full on at the moment. We arrived in Taunton and only had a short time to ready for the official women’s opening - Garden Party. Not quite like the Lincoln Garden Party that’s for sure!

Two who shall remain nameless were left behind at the hotel though due to forgetting to take their number ones out of the wardrobe when leaving Brisbane. Rumor has it they didn’t want to wear the famous sandals…….drastic measures!

Its been another long day involving travel and functions so early to bed again it is.

Sara McGlashan

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