TOUR DIARY: Sara McGlashan

 Sara McGlashan
White Ferns batting star Sara McGlashan's latest diary entry from the ICC World Twenty20.

Diary entry two

I am writing on board the flight from Dubai to London. A few movies down and we are nearly there! Priesty and I tried sneaking upstairs to business class but we were quickly shot down. Just been reading the paper which is full of articles about the tournament so it will be exciting to attend the opening match tonight. Hopefully we will stay awake as it has been over a day in the air – oh to sleep in a bed tonight!

Right I’m back again. We arrived in London to be greeted by tournament officials.  This made the process very quick and easy as we snuck through customs. A quick stop at the hotel to unpack and 30 minutes later we were all looking half pie respectable and heading off to Lords.

It wasn’t long before we realized how big the event was as upon entry into the ground bags were checked for drugs by sniffer dogs as we walked through metal detectors. We were escorted to a room where all the teams were meeting for a drink before the game.

With in seconds the cameras were out and we were stalking the likes of Ponting, Smith, Dhoni and Sangakarra asking to have photos with them. To be fair though it was the Irish captain all alone by the bar getting no attention that had the best accent.

We headed off and after a few minutes of awkwardness standing in the Long Room in our tracksuits getting stares from the men in suits we were shown to our seats in the stand. 

The long wait for Mrs Watkins to strut her stuff for the opening ceremony was soon over as the announcer stated it was cancelled due to safety reasons! Hmmm never knew walking could be so dangerous.

It was great to catch up with my brother at the game and also to make the most of the official passes as Suki and I snuck into the media box. Wow what a view!

As people faded, nodded off and tried to hide their blood shot eyes the Netherlands were taking it to the English. With a few overs to go we were wide awake again with the game coming down to the last ball. A miss hit followed by a missed shy at the stumps by Broad resulted in a swarm of orange shirts onto the field. It was great to see them play with freedom and passion as they were definitely the underdogs. Great result.

Back on the bus to the hotel and everyone’s looking forward to lying down in bed and getting some sleep. We have a run first thing at 7am so best I get some sleep.

Sara McGlashan

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