Stephen Cunis: On the road with the White Ferns 3

Canterbury Magicians’ coach Stephen Cunis is on tour with the White Ferns in the UK and will have exclusive discussions with Cunis about the trials and tribulations the White Ferns and their support staff goes through during the next month on the road.

The girls comprehensively beat Ireland by 160 runs. Liz Perry scored 70 in her One-Day debut and Maria Fahey scored 60 odd and took two catches whilst keeping for the first time, in her 50th ODI. It’s a shame the game got a bit 'long' when Ireland batted and it wasn't really much of a spectacle - no offence to Ireland, they just struggled with the level of skill.

In terms of funny stuff: Erin Bermingham's passport was lost at Heathrow! Kate Broadmore is certainly developing her public speaking by announcing the 'magic White Ferns moment' on the bus, on the microphone. She hasn't yet mastered singing solo.
Our bus driver is a real northerner and doesn't say the word 'the'. For example he'll say "bag is in back of coach" or "we're in country" or 'across road" or "take team back to hotel" etc. It’s brilliant and he is a top man but just doesn't have 'the' in his vocab.
I was the video analysis expert for the last game and there were a few mistakes made. Maia Lewis got the SOS call from me on numerous occasions! Amy Watkins was getting through her deliveries so fast that it became ridiculous...I think I had her down for four overs and she had completed seven! I think I've now been fired from being the video analysis expert.
At a recent net session, we had 10 young men aged between 16 and about 20 as net bowlers. Some of the boys took a shine to a few of the girls and dished up a few half vollies. It was the day before Suzie Bates smashed 70 at the Rose Bowl so they certainly helped her. There was, however, a lad that hit Nat Dodd in the helmet with a bouncer - you know what people say about boys who really like girls; they try to be mean to them - I think that was the case for poor old Doddy!
An interesting point while on tour Ben Herring, Scott Hamilton and Craig Newby were all at our last game as they play rugby for Leicester. Ben Herring was the ground announcer and did a great job.

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