NZC Governance Review Update

New Zealand Cricket (NZC) today provided an update on the Governance Review that was commissioned following last year’s AGM.

Independent consultancy company, BoardWorks International, was appointed to complete a review of the organisation’s governance and come up with recommendations.

BoardWorks produced a report with 39 recommendations which have been considered by the NZC Board.

NZC Chairman, Chris Moller, said: “The current constitution has served us well but there comes a time when changes need to be made for the good of the game.

“NZC deserves best practice governance that meets the needs of the current sporting environment and that enables the correct decisions to be made.

“The NZC Board are looking forward to receiving comments from our Members as we work together to improve the way we operate.”

The next steps will be for NZC Members to consider the report and then provide written submissions concerning the recommendations. Subsequently a new Constitution will be drafted, followed by a Special General Meeting which will be held in the second quarter of 2013, where members will be given the opportunity to vote on its adoption.

View the 39 recommendations here: NZC-Governance-Review-Summary.pdf (92KB)

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