Call for Nomination of Directors

The Annual General Meeting of Cricket Wellington will be held in the Long Room, RA Vance Stand, Hawkins Basin Reserve on Wednesday 9 October 2013 at 7.00pm.

As per the Cricket Wellington Constitution, each year two Board members retire by rotation.  This year Mark Heissenbuttel and Bruce Pepperell retire.  Mark is not seeking re-election, while Bruce is standing again for election. 

This notice is formal advice that nominations for the position of Director are now open and must be received in writing by the Chief Executive Officer by 5:00pm on Friday 23 August 2013.

The Appointments Panel will convene on Thursday 29 August 2013, to interview applicants for the two open Director positions.  We ask that applicants please ensure they are available on this day for an interview.

Please contact Peter Clinton on 04 801 2852 or 



Cricket Wellington is one of the six major associations affiliated to New Zealand Cricket.  It is located at the Hawkins Basin Reserve in central Wellington, with smaller satellite offices at Westpac Stadium, Hutt Recreation Ground, and at the Mana Indoor Facility, Porirua.  Cricket Wellington is charged with delivering cricket to more than 12,000 cricketers across the region.

Cricket Wellington’s mission is “Delivering a quality cricket experience to the people of Wellington”

 This will be achieved through:

·     Developing an administration that provides an inclusive style of leadership, plans well, is attuned to the needs of its stakeholders as well as the changing direction of the game and importantly, produces winning outcomes.

·     Promoting a culture of achievement against our mission, values, plans and ultimately our vision.

·     Harnessing the network of Wellington clubs and schools to improve the sustainable quality and quantity of the player base.

·     Delivering quality competitions that meet the diverse needs of players.

·     Investing in player and staff development (coaches, officials and volunteers), and the facilities necessary to attain the vision.

·     Developing and delivering quality programmes that provide a good return on investment for sponsors and investors.

·     Producing a cricket entertainment experience for the enjoyment of the Wellington public and visiting fans.

Nominations are currently open for candidates to the position of Director.  Candidates should be strategic thinkers with excellent personal communications skills, and the ability to listen to, understand and influence key stakeholders.  The Board, which is voluntary, currently meets monthly, and is supported by Advisory Groups which meet and/or discuss matters with Cricket Wellington executive management as required from time to time.

Nominations will be assessed by the Board Appointments Panel which may include undertaking enquiries and holding interviews with nominees. In undertaking its assessment, the Board Appointments Panel will take into account a wide range of factors, including (but not limited to) the following:

Governance skills & experience

·         Prior experience as a director, trustee or experience in any other governance role;

Cricket Knowledge

·         A strong understanding of amateur cricket at school, club and major association level;

·         Playing and/or coaching experience;

Strategic Thinking

·         Organisational awareness;

·         An understanding of the international drivers impacting on regional cricket in NZ;

·         An understanding of the position of Cricket Wellington and cricket in Wellington in the eyes of its stakeholders, and the current opportunities and threats;

·         The ability to ensure that strategies, budgets and plans are realistic and compatible with CW’s vision;

Business acumen

·         The ability to make informed business judgements;

·         Financial literacy;

·         The ability to probe the facts and challenge assumptions;

Personal character & skills

·         Strong interpersonal skills;

·         Alignment with, and an understanding of, the need for strong institutional values;

·         Stakeholder empathy.

The Board Mix of Skills and Experience

While it is not expected that each applicant will possess every attribute identified, ideally the Board as a whole will possess the mix and balance of many of the skills, experience and expertise identified below:

Amateur Cricket: has a strong understanding of amateur and community cricket, at school, club and major association level;

Finance: has specialist financial skills and relevant experience critical to the performance of CW;

Professional cricket: has a playing or coaching background at first-class level, preferably with a contemporary understanding of cricket;

Legal: have strong legal and analytical skills, and a high level of legal experience in those areas critical to the performance of CW;

Marketing & Media: has specialist marketing and/or media skills and relevant business experience critical to the performance of CW;

Entrepreneurial: has an entrepreneurial talent for contributing to the creation of member value;

Relationships & Representation: has the capability and credibility to promote the interests of CW to a wide range of parties and interests.







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