Blaze player to play men’s cricket

Fresh off her unbeaten 164 not out last weekend for the Johnsonville women’s side, Wellington Blaze batswoman Leigh Kasperek  is turning out for the Johnsonville Men’s 3rd grade side this Sunday.

It’s not the first time a female has played men’s cricket. Back in 1999 former White Fern Anna Smith played men’s club cricket.

Kasperek played 3rd grade in the Western Australia competition with another team mate with success and is looking forward to her debut for Johnsonville.  “It’s great for my game and makes me work harder and more females should look to do the same in appropriate grades," Kasperek said.  Johnsonville CDO Rick Mudgway said it was an easy decision and he felt more clubs should look at doing the same for some of the Blaze Players. “The girls are more than capable of playing Men’s cricket Mudgway said”

Women’s Female and Coaching Coordinator Mark Coles said “things need to change in the Female game; clubs need to understand females are more than capable of playing the game with men”.

“Leigh played 3rd grade in Perth and with all due respect to Wellington club cricket the level was higher than some senior cricket I have seen recently in Wellington," added Coles.

“It’s time for some of these male clubs to stop being male, pale, and stale and understand its 2013. If you keep doing what you did in 1990 your club will stand still and not move forward, it may not be next year or the year after that but it will happen, clubs need players female or male."

Coles also said: “some of our female cricketers need to understand they are good enough to compete with the men and they too need to change. Just because you have done something for 100 years does not mean to say its right. Change is happening everyday unless we change some things in the female club competition female cricket will be extinct like the Baiji River Dolphin”.

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