Priority Ticketing

If you love cricket, you’re going to be a fan of BLACKCAPS Priority Ticketing. It’s completely free to join and lets you and your mates save up to 35% on tickets to every ANZ International Series match this season.  

Check it out: blackcaps.co.nz/priorityticketing

Buy tickets - home internationals

Tickets for BLACKCAPS home matches are available from ticketek.co.nz or at any Ticketek outlet.

  • Beat the lines and print your ticket at home with the EzyTicket option
  • You can purchase on line right up to the start of the match
  • Pre-purchase your tickets and save on the gate price
  • Some refunds apply should weather bowl an unplayable delivery

Buy tickets - BLACKCAPS on tour

When supporting the BLACKCAPS overseas, get your tickets through the host country's website.  

For enquiries about organised BLACKCAPS tour parties contact VSL Events

What can I bring?

Each venue has entry terms and conditions that are specific to the venue and there are also a number of conditions applied by the International Cricket Council.The "quick guide" to what you can bring to international cricket this summer is:

  • You can take your own food into all venues as long as it is not commercially prepared (ie made by one of the hamburger chains, or pizza chains etc)
  • You can definitely take water in unopened plastic bottles of up to 750mls to all venues
  • You can take soft drinks in unopened plastic bottles of up to 750mls to all cricket venues EXCEPT Westpac Stadium
  • You CAN'T take glass, alcohol, drinks in opened plastic bottles, commercially prepared food and a number of other items into venues.

Please check your local venue entry terms and conditions below:

Eden Park, Auckland

Seddon Park, Hamilton

McLean Park, Napier

Basin Reserve, Wellington

Westpac Stadium, Wellington

University Oval, Dunedin [PDF]

Current refund terms and conditions for international matches

New Zealand Cricket will refund a portion of  ticket price based on the following terms and conditions:

One Day Internationals

  • If less than a total of 25 overs are completed, a 100% refund (less any applicable stadium & ticket levies) will apply

  • If more than a total of 25 overs but fewer than 50 overs, with no result, a 50% refund will apply (less any applicable stadium levies)

  • If a total of 50 or more overs are played with no result, no refund

  • A result - 20 overs minimum per side or a result achieved earlier - no refund


  • If less than a total of 5 overs are completed – 100% refund (less any applicable stadium & ticket levies) will apply

  • If more than a total of 5 overs but fewer than 15 overs are completed, with no result, a 50% refund (less any applicable stadium levies) will apply

  • More than a total of 15 overs with no result – no refund

  • A result – 5 overs per side minimum or a result achieved earlier – no refund

  • The ticket for the game that is not completed must be received by the ticket agency from where it was purchased or by Ticketek New Zealand Limited ('Ticketek'), PO Box 6334, Wellington, within 30 days of the date the game was scheduled to be played.


Day Ticket
A ticket to any one specific day of a Test match may be eligible for a refund (less any stadium & ticket levies) under the following circumstances:

  1. If less than ten (10) overs are played and a result (win or draw) does not occur, 100% refund will apply

  2. If more than ten (10) overs but less than thirty (30) overs are played and a result (win or draw) does not occur, a 50% refund will apply.

Match Pass
A Test Match Pass may be eligible for a refund (less any stadium & ticket levies) under the following circumstances:

  1. If the match finishes in under three (3) days a refund of two days based on a pro rata basis will apply

  2. If no play is possible on any of the first three days, a refund based on a pro rata basis will apply.

  3. If less than twenty five (25) overs are played on any of the first three days, a refund of 50% on a pro rata basis will apply to that day.

Cricket Refund Address:
Ticketek New Zealand Limited ('Ticketek')
PO Box 6334

Any tickets received by the ticket agency or by Ticketek outside the period specified above will not be eligible for any refund and no responsibility will be accepted by Ticketek or NZC in respect of such applications for refund.



Frequently Asked Questions

I'm going to the cricket. What time does the match start/finish?
Start times vary depending on the type of match and venue.  Check out the full 2013/14 season tour schedules for the BLACKCAPS and White Ferns.

Can I bring my own food and drink?
Yes you can bring any food into the ground provided it is not from a commercial outlet and bring your own drink in unopened, plastic bottles up to 750mls in size. These can be brought into the ground in a small chilly bag small enough to fit under a seat.  Check local entry conditons for details above.

What if I need accessible seating?
All venues have seating available for patrons in wheelchairs or who require mobility assistance.  Request details from the Ticketek when booking your ticket. Refer to specific details at each venue regarding accessing the stadium/park. 

Can I take a seat with me?
You can in some Test match venues. Check local entry conditons for details above.

Can I take an umbrella?
You can take an umbrella to most venues. Check local entry conditons for details above.

How long is a Twenty20 match?
Each innings is scheduled to take 1 hour 20 minutes (unless all batsmen are out earlier).  The innings break is usually 20 minutes (unless the first innings runs over time, then it can be shortened to no less than 10 minutes).

Can I take a banner/sign with me?
Yes you can however they cannot be placed over any signage or be obscene, offensive or abusive. 

Is there any healthy food available to purchase at grounds? 
Yes some grounds have sandwiches, fruit, rolls, juice and other healthier options for sale.  If you have special dietary requirements we suggest you phone the venue to check what is available for you. 

Where can I obtain replica shirts and other cricket merchandise?
You can buy replica gear at a number of outlets that sell Canterbury of New Zealand products or try the online store.

Is there a reserve day if the match is rained out? 
No due to the tight tour schedules no reserve days are held. If a match is abandoned due to rain check the New Zealand Cricket refund policy (above) as you may be eligible for a refund. 

Can television replays be used to assist umpires in making decisions?
On-field umpires for Test matches and one-day international matches are currently only entitled to call for a television replay through the third umpire for the following:

  • Run-out appeal;
  • Stumping appeal;
  • Hit wicket appeal;
  • Bump-ball catches;
  • Boundary decisions (whether a boundary is scored and whether it was 4 or 6); and
  • Which batsman makes his ground first when both batsman run to the same end in a run out situation.

The continued use of technology is constantly being reviewed by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

What is the D/L score displayed on the scoreboard during matches?
It's the Duckworth/Lewis Method, used to determine the result of the match if it was terminated at that exact moment (usually due to rain or poor light), provided each team has faced 20 overs, as this constitutes a match. The ‘D/L score’ is only shown during the innings of the team batting second. If the match is terminated and the score of the team batting second is:

  • One or more runs greater than the ‘D/L score', they are declared the winner
  • One or more runs less than the ‘D/L score', the team batting first is declared the winner
  • The same as the 'D/L score', the match is declared a tie.

Who chooses the songs the players come out to? 
The players choose their own.  We ask them at the beginning of each series what song they want to play when they come out to bat. 

Current terms & conditions of ground entry for international matches.

It is a condition of entry to the Venue for International Cricket matches that patrons agree:

1. not to sell, licence or otherwise publish, disseminate or reproduce for a commercial purpose, whether in whole or in part, any recordings taken or made inside the Venue (including, without limitation, photographs, video recordings or sound recordings) without the prior written consent of New Zealand Cricket;

2. not to broadcast or narrowcast by any means whatsoever (including, without limitation, by way of mobile telephone, modem or other device) any images, sounds, data, results or commentary of or concerning any of the matches or other activities at the Venue without the prior written consent of New Zealand Cricket;

3. not to resell any tickets to the matches played at the Venue at a premium or to use any of them for advertising, promotional or other commercial purposes without the prior written consent of New Zealand Cricket.  Note: if the ticket is sold or used in contravention of this condition, the bearer of the ticket will be denied admission to the Venue;

4. not to engage in any conduct, act towards or speak to any player, umpire, referee or other official or other spectators in a manner which offends, insults, humiliates, intimidates, threatens, disparages or vilifies that other person on the basis of that other person’s race, religion, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin;

5. not to do any of the following: (i) engage in ambush marketing; (ii) display commercial or offensive signage; (iii) sell any goods or services; (iv) bring alcohol, weapons, glass, cans, fireworks, missiles or any other items which, in the reasonable view of NZC or its agents, are or could be considered dangerous into the venue (v) wear or give away political, advertising or promotional materials; (vi) attempt to enter the playing arena; and

6. to abide by any terms of entry into the Venue prescribed by the Venue owner/manager, to the extent those terms of entry do not conflict with the conditions set out above.

New Zealand Cricket reserves the right to eject any patron from the Venue and/or claim damages from any patron who breaches any of the above conditions.

By order of New Zealand Cricket

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