ActivePost Kiwi Cricket

Age Range


  • 7-10 yrs

Skill Descriptors

  • Further basic development - batting, bowling, stopping, catching, wicketkeeping, running between the wickets
  • Small group activities & minor games
  • Modified competition
  • Play with modified, safe plastic equipment


  • To provide an elementary competition that allows children to gain an awareness of the game of cricket
  • To emphasise enjoyment and participation
  • To provide opportunities for children to acquire further basic cricket skills through a variety of activities and a modified game
  • To provide cricket as a positive experience that maximises participation and equality of opportunity
  • To encourage parents & teachers to become &/or continue to be actively involved in the game


  • To provide participants with opportunities:
  • To have fun and enjoyment
  • To participate in the game (equality of opportunity)
  • To further their skill development with an emphasis on fundamental cricket skills, structured activities & modified game play
  • To have a positive experience & enjoy competitive challenges
  • To develop their social skills of encouragement, cooperation & teamwork
  • To learn the values of the game


To support the ActivePost Have-A-Go Cricket and ActivePost Kiwi Cricket initiatives coaching manuals have been produced - they're distributed free to primary schools visited by the  Summer Squad and the coaches they've trained.

For further information about the ActivePost Have-A-Go Cricket Programme please contact your local Major or District Association. 

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