ActivePost Have-a-Go Cricket

Age Range:

  • 5-8 years

Skill Descriptors:

  • Basic skill development - batting, bowling, stopping, throwing, catching
  • Play activities and games
  • Encourage Fair Play
  • Play with modified, safe, plastic equipment


  • To provide a stimulating environment that allows basic cricket skills to be taught
  • To emphasise fun & participation
  • To create an awareness & interest in the game of cricket
  • To get parents & teachers actively involved in the game of cricket
  • To provide the positive first step in a child’s long term participation and involvement in cricket


  • To provide participants with opportunities:
  • To have fun and enjoyment
  • To participate in a variety of play activities and minor games
  • To have a ‘fair go’
  • To learn some new basic cricket skills
  • To make friends


To support the ActivePost Have-A-Go Cricket and ActivePost Kiwi Cricket initiatives coaching manuals have been produced - they're distributed free to primary schools visited by the  Summer Squad and the coaches they've trained.

For further information about the ActivePost Have-A-Go Cricket Programme please contact your local Major or District Association. 

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